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Extraction and sale of bitumen, Gilsonite Maad mine

Extraction and sale of bitumen, Gilsonite Maad mine

Extraction and sale of natural bitumen in Maad mine is a fascinating topic that includes the process of obtaining this valuable resource from the surface of the earth.

Maad gilsonite mine, which is also known as Gol Marjan mine, is located in the Zagros mountains in the southwest of Iran, located in GilanGharb city. Also, Mad natural bitumen mine is registered in the Kermanshah Province Industries and Mines Organization. It is one of the largest deposits of natural bitumen (asphalt) in the world, with an estimated reserve of about 5 million.

Extraction and sale in Maad mine

The natural bitumen extraction method in Maad mine is mostly open pit, which includes the use of heavy machinery such as excavators and transport trucks. Maad open pit mine is located in  an area rich in natural bitumen reserves. It is characterized by a large excavated pit where the extraction process takes place. To access the gilsonite, large machines such as excavators and trucks are used to remove the covering layers of soil and rock.

Extraction method in Maad mine

Once the overburden is removed, the bitumen-rich layers are exposed and the extraction process can begin. Normally, the mining method used in Madd mining is the surface mining method. This involves using large shovels or tractors to collect bitumen and loading it into heavy trucks for transport to a processing facility. This process allows the effective extraction of large amounts of bitumen from the mine.

Bitumen is mined from the surface and transported to a processing plant where it is crushed and screened to remove impurities.

Image of extraction and loading in Maad mine

Sale of natural bitumen in Maad mine

The sale of natural bitumen is very important because it serves as a valuable raw material. Many industries rely on bitumen for their operations, especially the construction and infrastructure sectors.
Bitumen is commonly used in road construction because it helps create a smooth and durable surface. In addition, it is a key component in the production of waterproofing materials used in roofing and other applications.

Maad mine natural bitumen is primarily sold to local customers inside Iran, who use it for various applications related to asphalt, such as road construction, roofing, and isogam. Also, part of bitumen is exported to other countries in the region.

Gilsonite quantity and quality in Maad mine (Gol Marjan)

Maad natural bitumen mine (Gol Marjan) is one of the first natural bitumen mines in kermanshah province, which is one of the best mines in the region in terms of quality. The mineral material in this area has an ASH of less than 0 to 10, which indicates the high quality of the mineral material in the said mine. In terms of quantity, more than tens of thousands of tons were harvested from the said mine. The facilities and welfare facilities are one of the best mines in the region.

  In this regard, geoelectrical operations and drilling of boreholes have been carried out, according to the history of exploitation and the amount of extracted mineral matter, the mentioned mine can be considered one of the richest mines in the region. Gilsonite Mud mine produces quality natural bitumen (Gilsonite) from its own mine. Also, Maad Mine is proud to provide high quality products with the shortest possible time and at the right price to you dear buyers by removing dealers.


In the end, extracting and selling natural bitumen in Maad mine has a significant contribution to the economy of Kermanshah province in Iran.
The success of this mine is the use of advanced technologies, the expertise of skilled  professionals and the abundance of mineral resources in the region. Responsible and efficient management of mining operations, including bitumen extraction and processing, has helped
minimize waste and maximize profits. In general, the extraction and sale of natural bitumen in Maad Mine has significant economic and social effects and has made it an important player in the mining industry of the region.

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