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About us

Why Maad Company?

Gilsonite Maad mine has the highest quality natural bitumen in Iran, and is one of the few high purity bitumen mines in Iran.

During its activity, Maad Mine has been able to gain the trust of various Iranian and foreign customers in the products offered and to perform the contract at the specified time with high quality. In the long-term planning of the mine, Gilsonite intends to be the largest producer of mineral bitumen and its various products while maintaining the highest quality.

تصویری دورنما از معدن گیلسونایت و قیر طبیعی ماد-A perspective picture of Gilsonite mine and Maad natural bitumen

History of Maad Company

Gilsonite Maad mine has been registered in 2005 with the license of the Industries and Mines Organization, No. 12/8692. Maad bitumen mine has the highest quality natural bitumen

مدیر عامل و مالک معدن ماد دکتر حسین فولادپور-CEO and owner of Maad mine, Dr. Hossein Foladpour-

Goals of Maad Company

I’m proud that Maad Gilsonite’s portfolio has always adhered to core values, such as product quality, punctuality and respect for our customers.

Certainly, Maad Gilsonite Group, with a professional perspective on the future, seeks quantitative and qualitative development in the field of extraction, sale of natural bitumen and export of mineral bitumen.

In the perspective of Maad Gilsonite’s future activities, its greater presence in global markets has a special place, which I hope will be provided by the serious will of the staff of the Mad Mining Complex, a worthy place in the country’s bitumen mining industry.

Dr. Hossein Fooladpour