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Maad Gilsonite Powder Factory
Maad Gilsonite Powder Factory
Manufacturer of micronized bitumen powder

Extraction and production

The highest quality natural bitumen in Iran

Production of micronized powder

gilsonite (bitumen)

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Exploration and extraction of bitumen mines

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Maad Mining Company is the largest Gilsonite mine in western Iran

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Bitumen (Gilsonite)

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Exploration and mining

Sales and exports

Micronized bitumen powder

Gilsonite sales

Direct from the Maad mine

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Mining of Gilsonite

Recent projects and honors of Maad company

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Honors of Gilsonite Maad Mine
The exploration and speculation operation of the Maad mine ended
Overburden removal in Maad mine
Extraction of Gilsonite based on the power of Maad specialists

Why Maad Company?

Mineral Mining and Trading Group

Having one of the highest quality Gilsonite (natural bitumen) mines in Iran and successful experiences in the field of sales and export of natural bitumen has the ability to deliver natural bitumen products and micronized Gilsonite (natural bitumen) powder in all different grades in the highest tonnage required.

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معدن گیلسونایت ماد Maad Gilsonite mine

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Team Maad

Members of the Gilsonite Maad Mining Team

مدیر عامل Managing Director
dr. foladpour Managing Director
siroos zargoosh
zargoush Sales Manager
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Ms. Azimiaan Administrativemanager
مدیر فنی
AliShahi technical manager