Bitumen primer and processing of waterproofing from Gilsonite

Bitumen primer and processing of waterproofing from Gilsonite

Bitumen primer and its application:

By natural bitumen powder (micronized) a bitumen primer (primer: a material that is used as a substructure in various industries such as construction, isogum, etc.) Solvent base for insulation and coating of cement surface or structure Asphalt surfaces are produced.

This mineral bitumen primer creates an impermeable layer against water, air, light, and steam and gases by penetrating the pores of concrete or asphalt and reacting with their surface compounds.

Gilsonite-based bitumen primer also creates a very strong adhesion between the upper layers and repairs their weaknesses due to its high strength.

This natural bitumen primer is highly resistant to heat, cold, light, acids, and chemical bases and humidity in all environments.

This product can be used to insulate roofs and ceilings, kitchen floor insulation, bathrooms, toilets, sealing and sealing gaps, insulation of walls of dams and bridges.

Natural bitumen primer is effective in filling more gaps caused by erosion.

Benefits and advantages of using bitumen primer

1- Using cheap and available bitumen (Gilsonite)

2- Use cold (bitumen solution, does not need to be heated and can be used at any temperature.

3- Processing in a new and easy way using the minimum facilities

4- No need for thinner and thinner

5- Use for all surfaces (ceramic, tile, concrete, metal, wood, isobam, etc.)

6- Excellent adhesion

7- Resistant to cracking caused by cold up to minus 30 degrees Celsius

8- High thermal stability, softening point more than 100 ° C

9- Simplicity and variety in consumption methods

10- Very reasonable price

11- Resistant to very high humidity

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