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Natural gilsonite in asphalt

Natural gilsonite in asphalt

Natural Gilsonite is one of the things that makes asphalt so durable. Asphalt is a black tar-like substance found on roads, driveways, and even rooftops. It is a vital material used in the construction industry for various reasons. It is very important to pave roads, build parking lots and strengthen the foundations of buildings. In this article, we will discuss how to use natural gilsonite in asphalt.

Natural Gilsonite and its properties in asphalt:

Natural gilsonite is the natural form of asphalt and is extracted from mines such as Maad mine. This mineral has a unique composition that can increase the properties of asphalt. Gilsonite has excellent rheological properties, meaning it can change the viscosity of asphalt, making it more stable and durable.

Increasing asphalt resistance using natural gilsonite

Gilsonite is first heated to become a molten liquid and then added to the asphalt mixture. Molten gilsonite is added to the asphalt mixture to increase its adhesive properties. It works by binding the different components of the asphalt mixture. Due to this property, the asphalt produced with Gilsonite has a higher resistance to grooves and cracks.


Asphalt made with Gilsonite is highly resistant to high temperatures and harsh weather conditions that may cause the asphalt material to fail. It can withstand high temperature fluctuations between summer and winter and is ideal in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, such as Arizona and New Mexico.

Increasing the mechanical resistance of asphalt mixture using bitumen mineral bitumen

Also, the fatigue life of asphalt mixture samples has been improved due to the use of natural gilsonite. The results of the dynamic creep test also show that the amount of permanent deformation of asphalt mixture samples containing natural gilsonite showed the lowest value in different loading styles. In this way, it can be expected that the use of bitumen mineral bitumen additive can cause to improve the mechanical properties of the asphalt mixture.

Natural gilsonite also helps reduce the risk of rutting and driving on roads and parking lots. When the asphalt mixture does not have enough hardness to withstand high traffic volumes, it can lead to rutting, rutting and driving. These defects can severely affect the performance and structural integrity of the road. Gilsonite effectively increases the stiffness of asphalt and reduces the risk of deformation caused by the weight of vehicles.

An example of natural gilsonite

Reducing water damage to the asphalt surface

Gilsonite also helps reduce water damage on asphalt. When water penetrates the surface of the asphalt, it can lead to a weakening of the asphalt binder, thereby reducing its overall durability. This weakness can lead to potholes that can be very dangerous for drivers. However, asphalt made with gilsonite is highly impermeable. This material acts as a water repellent and reduces the possibility of water penetration to the asphalt surface.


Of course, in natural bitumen mines, it can be used around the mine to solve the problem of water ingress. Also, natural gilsonite is an essential component in the production of sealants and coatings. It is used in emulsions and coatings as a coating agent on roofs, walls and decks to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Improving durability and achieving high quality asphalt

ترجمه بیش از حد طولانی است و ذخیره نمی‌شود

Gilsonite produces dark, high-quality asphalt that is more durable than traditional asphalt. Adding Gilsonite to the asphalt mixture improves its durability by providing high strength and elasticity. High tensile strength means that it can withstand tensile forces, thus preventing cracking. Asphalt lasts longer and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

The appearance of natural gilsonite is shown in the figure below.

Photo of a piece of very beautiful natural Gilsonite

The use of natural gilsonite in the construction industry as an environmentally friendly approach

Natural gilsonite is widely used in the construction industry due to its unique properties. It can be used in hot and cold mix asphalt and is an environmentally friendly approach to road and pavement construction. Natural minerals are also a renewable resource that can be extracted sustainably without causing environmental degradation.

Gilsonite has a low level of toxicity that makes it safe to use. This property makes it an ideal material for road construction, as it poses no threat to humans, animals or the environment. Also, asphalt samples modified with different percentages of gilsonite show better fatigue performance compared to other asphalt samples.

Improvement of fatigue performance in asphalt by addition of natural gilsonite

Because as a result of mixing tar with natural gilsonite, the acidic properties of bitumen go towards non-polar properties, which causes the formation of more non-polar bonds between bitumen and aggregate in asphalt.

An increase in the percentage of natural bitumen at both 5 and 45 °C has increased the fatigue life of asphalt mixtures. Fatigue life of samples mixed with gilsonite at 5 degrees Celsius is very different from the performance of control mixtures at the same temperature.

Consequently, natural gilsonite is a critical component in the production of high-quality asphalt. It has unique properties that make it very durable and ideal for use in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Adding it to the asphalt mixture increases its elasticity, durability and reduces the risk of potholes.
Asphalt produced with Gilsonite is resistant to rutting and cracking and has excellent water repellency. Gilsonite is also a renewable resource and is environmentally friendly, making it an essential part of the construction industry.

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