Improvement of natural bitumen extraction

Improvement of natural bitumen extraction

1- Improvement of natural bitumen extraction

The quality of mineral matter and the improvement of natural bitumen extraction are extremely important. Some factories are designed with a special formula and grade of mineral materials, and in these conditions they operate with maximum efficiency and produce a product with the desired specifications.

Usually, Gilsonite ore extracted from different parts of the mine are different in terms of grade. In this way, in order to create the appropriate grade of the extraction output, by mixing different grades, with calculable ratios, the target grade is realized.

Knowing this, there is a need to plan the production in order to extract the necessary amount from the different mine workings that have gunacon grades, in the mine transportation.

2- Garbage removal ratio

The ratio of the volume of harvested tailings to the volume of extracted gilsonite ore is called the tailings removal ratio. The purpose of tailings extraction in open pit mining is to provide access to ore. Indiscriminate extraction of waste increases production costs.

And its small extraction will cause problems in the production process and access to Gilsonite ore. In this way, in the design phase, to avoid the mentioned problems, the appropriate waste removal ratio is calculated.


3- The role of truck allocation restrictions

In open pit mines, it is customary to use non-uniform machinery to improve natural bitumen extraction. Trucks and loading machines with different capacities or with different technical specifications are working together.

In addition, according to the specifications of the machines, some additional restrictions may also be applied. Limitations such as assigning a truck to a specific loading machine, assigning a truck to a specific range, and assigning a set of trucks to a specific range.

4- Repairs, maintenance and refueling

It is necessary to consider some limitations for machinery in terms of repairs and maintenance in the transportation system. For example, the maximum activity time of tires is specified according to the manufacturer’s catalog.

The excessive activity of the truck can cause the tire to burst and the truck to stop working. This type of limitations along with preventive planning will make the model more realistic.

Refueling of machines is also one of the important issues in the production process. In order to maintain the continuity of mining production, refueling of machines is planned alternately.

The transportation system is responsible for controlling this process and predicting adverse reactions in order to maintain the production process.

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