Gilsonite price (natural bitumen)

Gilsonite price (natural bitumen)

Price of Gilsonite (natural bitumen ):

To know the price of gilsonite (natural bitumen) and gilsonite powder, you can contact the sales consultants of Maad Mine (Gol Marjan).
Maad bitumen mine (Marjan Gol), the largest gilsonite mine in west Gilan, announces its readiness to sell and export gilsonite and provide the price list of gilsonite powder and gilsonite analysis to natural bitumen buyers.

The following factors affect the price of bitumen:

1- Shipping cost
2- Value of refined bitumen
3- Political conditions
4- Currency value
5- The amount of demand and supply of bitumen in the market
Finally, it can be said that there is absolutely nothing good or bad in different grades of bitumen, but it is important to choose the best sample of bitumen (gilsonite) based on its application at different temperatures.

Also, Maad bitumen mine (Gol Marjan) supplies its products to customers based on the price of natural Iranian bitumen and with the highest quality.

قیمت گیلسونایت(Gilsonite-price)


World Gilsonite price (bitumen ):


The global price of Gilsonite depends on factors such as reserves, production, consumption and volume of transactions, which also affects the price of Iranian bitumen to some extent.

Also, Gilangreb bitumen has a very low price compared to foreign sellers and is sold in packages, lumps and powder.

Maad bitumen company in Gilangreb city located in Kermanshah province has the largest bitumen reserves in Iran. In recent years, suitable measures have been taken for the domestic and international sales of Gilangreb bitumen.

For this reason, bitumen is very economical for various industries, especially transportation, and this is one of the reasons for the increase in the export of mineral bitumen in recent years.

Chemical properties and concentration of materials used are factors that have a great impact on the price of bitumen.

If you decide to use these products for your purposes, first of all get enough information about their types and uses.

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