Application of natural bitumen in oil and gas industries

Application of natural bitumen in oil and gas industries

Importance and application of natural bitumen in oil and gas industries:

The use and application of natural bitumen in insulation industries, especially in oil and gas industries, is one of its most important features. Oil and gas transmission pipes are subject to corrosion and decay more than any other pipe.

To protect the base material of steel pipes from corrosion caused by contact with fluids or corrosive environment, it is quite common and common to use internal or external coatings in piping systems.

In the meantime, natural bitumen helps these pipes to be well insulated and exposed to corrosion damage to a much lesser extent. This material has a special place in the oil and gas industry. The coating of oil and gas pipes is possible with the help of natural bitumen.

One of the most important concerns of oil and gas industry engineers is the constant wear and corrosion of pipes carrying these materials and their connections. It is interesting to know that in Iran, corrosion costs in oil and gas industries are estimated to be around 3-5% of the gross domestic income.

Therefore, we are facing a very large and important number, the reduction of which can create huge savings in the oil and gas industry. The method of covering the pipes can be very different and diverse based on the need; But one of the most used materials in this field is Gilsonite.



The role and application of natural bitumen in insulation coatings:


One of the basic and prominent features of bitumen (both natural and refined) is its suitability for creating a cover against all types of moisture. From this point of view, one of the common uses of gilsonite and natural tar powder is its use in insulation industries and to create moisture coatings.

Moisture coatings are produced in various types and each has its own application, which has led to the acceptance of the sale of mineral bitumen powder. As a simple example, Izogam sheets are one of the products of the insulation industry, which have small and large applications in construction and industrial applications.

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